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  • Led by Nancy Chains Founder Gal Bar El, the recent jewelry-making workshop supported This Is Jane Project and offered women and non-binary people a way to express themselves in a safe space. The post Beads & Buds Workshop Heals […]
  • A Dutch company founded by mothers is working to revolutionize the way people think about washable diapers and cannabis at the same time. The post Nappy Dread appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • At the pinnacle of portable vaping lies AirVape's innovative designs, eco-friendly materials and unmatched functionality. Discover how this luxury brand redefines cannabis consumption with cutting-edge technology and user-centric features. The post AirVape Revolutionizes Cannabis Consumption appeared first on Cannabis […]
  • Photographer Marvin Lee Stohs captures cannabis under a microscope, revealing alien lands and unfathomable beauty. The post Marvin Lee Stohs’ Cannabis Photos Are ‘Out of This World’ appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • An educational book offers practical advice for new users. The post An Actually-Helpful Guide to Using Cannabis appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • As German cannabis legalization inevitably succeeds, it will provide a major boost to the rest of Europe’s outlook on cannabis reform. The post Has Europe’s Cannabis Movement Hit a Tipping Point? appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • The Independence Day holiday is the best time to smoke weed. The post Cannabis Is the Best Fourth of July Drug appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • This marijuana-infused breakfast is a great way to start your Fourth of July with a kick of color and cannabis. The post Fourth of July Cannabis Recipe: Strawberry Cough-Infused Overnight Oats appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • Curious about the best summer strains, ideas for edibles to beat the heat or ways to spice up your summer sesh? We've got you covered. The post The Cannabis Now Guide to Summer appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • Check out this list of indica-dominant strains – known for reducing stress, inducing sleep and easing pain – that will help you doze off in no time. The post The Top Strains to Help With Insomnia appeared first on […]
  • These strange food concoctions are to be avoided at all times. The post We Would Eat Just About Anything When We’re Stoned, But We Won’t Eat That! appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • All of us are afraid of something. The post Marijuana Might Be Beneficial in Combating Phobias appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • Autumn Brands celebrates new strains for music lovers in collaboration with California reggae/pop band Iration. The post Autumn Brands: Sustainably Led, California Bred appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • Time to reap your carefully cultivated rewards with a little help from an esteemed expert. The post You’ve Grown It, Now Own It: How to Master Drying & Curing Cannabis appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • Historians of the cannabis plant have long contended that Pliny the Elder was among the first to make note of its curative and psychoactive properties. The post Pliny the Elder: Ancient Pioneer of Medical Marijuana appeared first on Cannabis […]
  • The 2024 tradeshow attracted a diverse crowd of cannabis enthusiasts and industry professionals. The event provided a valuable platform for networking, education, and advocacy, as well as showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the cannabis industry. The post […]
  • When you purchase 40 Tons cannabis products, you’re making the choice to support social justice, as a portion of every sale directly goes to help those incarcerated for cannabis. This social impact brand is not just talking. With boots […]
  • For its 170th Anniversary, the California State Fair shines a bright spotlight on this $5 billion segment of California’s agricultural industry. The post World’s First: California State Fair to Host Onsite Sales and Consumption appeared first on Cannabis Now.
  • The true origin of OG Kush varies depending on who you talk to; some say it began as a bag seed (a seed obtained from flowers or bud intended to be seedless) and most likely has Chemdawg genetics. The […]
  • The cigar brand Backwoods has done a handful of limited-edition drops in the past, but this is their first time partnering with a cannabis company. In collaboration with the cannabis brand Gashouse, the Backwoods Zaza cigars are up for […]

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  • When it comes to cannabis, two names often come up: CBD and THC. Indeed, these are the most well-known cannabinoids, but what are they exactly and how do they work? In this article we’ll tell you everything about their […]
  • In the exciting world of BHO (Butane Hash Oil), choosing the right pipe can make a big difference in your vaping experience. In this post, all those who are looking for information about BHO and BHO pipes can find […]
  • CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the 120 cannabinoids present in marijuana plants and also the most popular and researched non-psychoactive compound. Therefore, contrary to other cannabinoids, this one already has certain proven medical benefits, such as the benefits on […]
  • Cannabidiol has gained popularity due to its potential health benefits, such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, and improved sleep. Consequently, more and more people are using it as a natural remedy. However, a common question among CBD users is: […]
  • Calcium is an essential nutrient for the optimal growth of marijuana plants. It not only strengthens cell walls, but also plays a crucial role in cell division and the regulation of various metabolic processes. In fact, without sufficient calcium […]
  • The year is ending, making it the perfect time to select the best marijuana products of this year, which every cannabis lover will want to start the new year with. Here is a list of the best-selling products on […]
  • If you are an athlete, you’ll know that you have to be very aware of the substances you consume and the physical consequences they have. Moreover, if you are a professional athlete, you may explicitly be prohibited from taking […]
  • Honey is a delicious, sweet, non-perishable food. In fact, this natural sweetener never goes bad. As a curious fact, during the excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb, the archaeologists discovered a jar of honey and, to everyone’s surprise, it tasted as […]
  • Polyphenols are chemical substances filled with antioxidant properties that generate various positive physiological effects on the health of our plants and other organisms. Characterized by being composed of more than one phenol group of molecules, they are usually divided […]
  • Planet Earth is full of mysterious psychedelic ingredients and compounds with different benefits that we use to treat multiple diseases. The most common materials come from marijuana plants and users smoke them in a cigarette or in a bong. […]
  • Have you ever wondered how you can improve your cultivation in harmony with celestial forces? The biodynamic calendar offers an interesting way to do so. Based on the phases of the moon and the constellations of the Zodiac, this […]
  • Apical pruning is an ancient method widely used both indoors and outdoors, which involves cutting off the top part of the plant. This way we can stop the plant’s growth, forcing it to produce more branches. With each cut […]

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  • Even if you’re just canna-curious, there’s a good chance that you recognize 420 when it’s brought up. Without a doubt, 420 is the most popular cannabis holiday, as the term has been around since 1971 and is synonymous with cannabis […]
  • The golden sun warms you back to life. Beaches invite you in with a sparkle. Ice cream simply tastes better. It’s summertime. There’s no other season like it. And there isn’t one that brings the kid out of you […]
  • Despite no federal legalization of cannabis yet, the industry and community have progressed in many aspects. The essential cannabis industry is expanding, as dispensaries continue to be planted and grown. Currently, there are over 420,000 full-time cannabis jobs and […]
  • As cannabis continues to shed its stigma, a bouquet of bud for Valentine’s Day is an incredible upgrade over a dozen roses. Thought to have originated from a Roman festival, Valentine’s Day is a time to show your significant […]
  • Cracking open a cold beer after work or testing your mixology skills over the weekend to craft your favorite cocktails is a common way to unwind. However, if you’re participating in Dry January, then you’ll have to hit the […]
  • Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is generously being played on the radio, holiday film classics like Elf are on repeat, and cheery holiday décor is filling up households everywhere. December is the month for spending […]
  • Black Friday has become synonymous with waves of deal-hungry shoppers swarming stores like zombies. Thankfully, with plenty of online sales, it has become a little easier to get your early holiday shopping done. The cannabis industry has its own […]
  • Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the United States with over 400,000 jobs nationwide. With more new states adopting recreational cannabis use, the industry is predicted to expand and support 500,000 jobs by 2024. This rapid growth has […]
  • It has been an exciting couple of weeks for CannabizTeam! Coming on the heels of us welcoming our new health and wellness staffing firm Kalon to the CannabizTeam family, and announcing our strategic partnership with Arcview Management Consulting, today […]
  • In any industry, you’ll often hear about something that’s game-changing. However, that word isn’t always used correctly or even truthfully. With fractional executives in the cannabis industry, the word is appropriate. The game-changing power of fractional executives in cannabis […]



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  • Growing cannabis indoors can be highly rewarding and give impressive yields, however, it’s important that you know how to get … The post 5 Tips for Growing Cannabis Indoors appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.
  • There are two basic strains of cannabis: sativa and indica. The former produces a head high and the latter, a … The post CANNABIS GROWING TIPS FOR SATIVA AND INDICA STRAINS appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.
  • “I have always loved marijuana. It has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. And … The post Deeper Insights to Getting Started with Cannabis Growing Process appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.
  • Indoor Marijuana growing practices have become increasingly popular. With more and more states legalizing weed, people have started cultivating marijuana … The post Best Practices For Indoor Marijuana Cultivation On Small Scale appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.
  • Why Grow Room Automation Is A Good Idea For Cannabis Growers With the legalization of cannabis in the US, the … The post Meters and Dosers For Cannabis Growing appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.
  • Simple Secrets For Buying Quality Cannabis Online As A Newbie After legalization, the pandemic is perhaps the next best thing … The post High Quality Weed appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.
  • Fungus gnats, spider mites, aphids, thrips, caterpillars. These are all pests that can plague cannabis growers and devastate crops. Thankfully, … The post Common Marijuana Plant Pests appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.
  • Nutrient burn is one of the most common mistakes made by novice marijuana growers. It typically occurs when the plants … The post How to Fix Nutrient Burn appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.
  • After obtaining the cannabis seeds, what is the next step? For them to grow into healthy plants, you need to … The post How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds The Surefire Way appeared first on Growing Marijuana Blog.

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  • If you plan to build or renovate your self-storage facility, you probably have a running list of what you need to do to protect your clients’ assets. At first glance, your checklist probably includes security, cameras, and locks to […]
  • Quest Announces Strategic Partnership with BFG Supply to Enhance Industry Solutions [Madison, WI, December 13, 2023] Quest Climate, a pioneer in the humidity control industry, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with BFG Supply, a renowned gardening, nursery, […]
  • The new Quest 100: Highest Efficiency 100-pint Dehumidifier for Smaller Spaces and Projects Our patented M-CoRR Technology, now in compact size. Quest Climate announces the new Quest 100, a dehumidifier created with small-space projects or hobbyist growers in mind. […]
  • Key Takeaways (TL;DR) Good ol’ Vapor Pressure Deficit, or as the cool kids call it, VPD. The concept, once largely misunderstood in the cannabis industry, is now commonly applied by top-tier cultivators around the world. The reason VPD is […]
  • About Quest Quick tip videos DANSPLAININ’
  • In a water treatment plant, it goes without saying you want all the water running inside the pipes.  But 20 years ago, Rick Adamson, general manager for the Adams County Regional Water District, was dealing with a problem he […]
  • Water in, water out. It’s a simple – and often effective – way to determine how much dehumidification you need in your grow room.   But as cannabis cultivation and our understanding of plant transpiration rates becomes more sophisticated, a […]
  • Special Report: Humidity and climate control In this Special Report: Humidity and Climate Control, we look at the challenges facing cultivation operations and the role of climate control. We are back with an updated report, first published in 2017 […]
  • Dirty filters. Increased static pressure. Both are common, unavoidable issues for anyone using commercial dehumidifiers. And each can cause a drop in performance – causing costly fluctuations in relative humidity. Until now. Dirty filters. Increased static pressure. Both are […]

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  • Happy Sunday Canna Fam. Hope the last couple of weeks have been rewarding and positive for everybody! There have been a lot of amazing changes in my life that I wanted to be fully present for the last few […]
  • Happy Sunday Canna Fam. Hope you have had an amazing week and a great start to May. To all of you mothers out there, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day in advance as we will not have a […]
  • Happy Sunday Canna Fam! Hope you had an amazing 4/20! Today I want to discuss projection, whether you are on the receiving end or whether you are the one doing the projecting. Let’s start by breaking down what it […]
  • Happy Monday Canna Fam,  I hope everyone had an amazing Easter Sunday!!! I wanted to cover a topic today that everybody can relate to, happiness. I think for most of us, the ultimate goal is to strive for happiness […]
  • Happy Sunday Canna Fam! This blog topic was also picked by you guys, so I wanted to make sure I delivered. How DO we know if we are making the right decision? One thing I am sure of when […]

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  • Cannabis has long been associated with its ability to induce a phenomenon known as the "munchies" – an intense and often insatiable craving for food, particularly those of the salty, sweet, and savoury varieties. This intriguing aspect of cannabis consumption […]
  • In the world of cannabis cultivation, the choice of seeds is one of the most critical decisions a grower must make. Among the various options available, two popular choices are auto-flowering seeds and feminized seeds. Each type comes with its […]
  • Cannabis, one of the most versatile and complex plants on Earth, has been extensively studied for its cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. However, beyond cannabinoids, cannabis is also rich in another class of compounds called terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic […]
  • As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the diversity of cannabis products available to consumers. One category that has seen a significant rise in popularity is cannabis concentrates. These potent extracts offer users a concentrated form of cannabinoids […]
  • Indoor cultivation of cannabis has gained immense popularity among enthusiasts alike. With advancements in technology and lighting, growing your favourite cannabis strains indoors has become easier and more rewarding than ever before.We'll explore five of the best strains to […]
  • If you're a cannabis enthusiast looking to take your smoking experience to the next level, creating your own infused pre-rolls at home can be a rewarding and customizable option. Infused pre-rolls combine the convenience of a ready-to-smoke joint with […]
  • Vaporizing has emerged as a popular and convenient method of consuming cannabis, offering an alternative to traditional smoking. Among the various types of vaporizers available, dry herb cannabis vapes have gained significant attention. This blog will explore what a dry […]
  • The world of cannabis is not just limited to cannabinoids like THC and CBD. There's another group of compounds that play a vital role in shaping the effects and therapeutic potential of cannabis: terpenes. These aromatic molecules are responsible […]
  • In the ever-expanding world of cannabis consumption, enthusiasts are presented with a wide array of options to choose from. Among these choices, two popular contenders have emerged: live resin and dried flower. Live resin, a concentrated form of cannabis […]
  • Cannabis kief is a concentrated form of cannabis that is made by sifting the trichomes, or resin glands, from the buds of the cannabis plant. Kief can be smoked on its own or used to make a variety of […]
  • The growing season is upon us making it the perfect time to turn that thumb green. One essential part of growing strong and healthy cannabis plants is having cannabis-specific soil packed with essential nutrients. It is important to understand […]
  • One of the most well-known effects experienced by cannabis users is the so-called “couch lock,” which refers to the feeling of being “stuck” on the couch or feeling extremely relaxed and sedated after consuming cannabis.Here we tell you exactly […]
  • Cooking and cannabis have become two of the most popular recreational activities worldwide, and they are even better when done together. Not only does cooking with cannabis allow for a more creative and enjoyable experience in the kitchen, but […]
  • Smoking cannabis through a bong is a popular and time-honoured tradition among cannabis enthusiasts. Hitting a bong can offer a smooth and potent experience, but it requires some technique and preparation. Here are some tips on how to successfully hit […]
  • As cannabis legalization becomes more widespread, we will see an increase in public spaces specifically designated for smoking cannabis. When cannabis is smoked, it releases smoke that contains various compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound responsible for the […]
  • Cottonmouth is a result of cannabinoid receptors on the salivary glands in the mouth. When inhaled, smoke or vapour containing cannabinoids and terpenes interact with the tissue in the mouth prior to being absorbed by the lungs and taken […]
  • One of the defining characteristics of cannabis is its distinctive smell. This makes many people wonder if the smell of weed is related to its potency. In this blog, we will explore this question in detail.Terpenes Firstly, it's important to […]
  • Cannabis has become increasingly popular in recent years, and as it has become legal recreationally, many people are curious about trying it for the first time. However, with so many different strains available, it can be overwhelming to know […]
  • Cannabis curing is an essential process that every cannabis grower should understand. Curing is the process of preserving and enhancing the quality of cannabis buds by drying them slowly and storing them in airtight containers. Proper curing enhances the […]
  • Smoking is a popular cannabis consumption method, and it's no wonder why. It's easy, convenient, and the effects can be felt almost immediately. However, not all smoking experiences are created equal. If you want to get the most out of […]

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  • Critics often highlight odor nuisances associated with cannabis cultivation, but it is important to acknowledge that vineyards, too, emit strong smells due to the use of agricultural inputs like sulfur. Addressing odor concerns without considering the broader context of […]
  • Monocropping, or planting only one type of crop on land, has become a common practice in modern agriculture, including the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, this practice can lead to soil depletion, pest outbreaks, and reduced biodiversity. However, by incorporating cover […]
  • Market volatility heavily impacts agriculture, making it difficult for farmers to manage costs while generating a profit. The cannabis industry is not immune to fluctuating prices, with each state's high regulatory compliance costs and a competing illicit market increasing […]
  • Let’s step off the cannabis farm for a minute and instead look to agriculture as a whole. The cannabis industry has picked up a lot of lessons from the farming world, and while taking a fallow year doesn’t yet […]
  • While winter brings some time for rest and recovery, for those involved in year-round cultivation, the new season brings added complexities for growing cannabis. The plant is thought to have evolved about 28 million years ago on the eastern […]
  • In a market that’s increasingly being taken over by large-scale production, lower quality, and cheaper prices, it’s important to look at the better alternative: craft cannabis. What makes Giving Tree Farms and other craft cannabis producers stand out? From […]
  • Fresh-frozen cannabis has taken the cannabis world by storm in recent years. As the name suggests, fresh-frozen cannabis entails freezing the harvest directly after it’s been picked. It’s been growing in popularity—especially as it’s one of the best methods […]
  • Working with our plants is meditative for most of us cannabis farmers. Our hands caked in dirt, lined along the underneath of our fingernails, our breath lengthened while we physically work in the fields, and our noses filled with […]
  • As owners and operators, we know how valuable our time is. We wear a dozen different hats, take responsibility for the outcomes, and find ourselves fully immersed in all things business seven days out of the week. But what […]
  • Part of our passion at Giving Tree Farms lies with finding creative ways to boost our sustainability and efficiency. And much like Lean Manufacturing, we work to achieve “Lean Cultivation,” an application that reduces our waste through our cultivation […]
  • Want to spark up something more sustainable? Check out our recent blog to see why Simply Clean Certification is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best cannabis for our planet.
  • The craft cannabis industry is competitive, and it’s getting even more competitive by the day. To stay afloat, it’s critical for a cannabis business to keep costs down and quality up. We know that this is easier said than […]
  • Associated with “hippies” and “tree-huggers,” the cannabis industry has a reputation for being green. With the commercialization of cannabis, however, things have started to move in a different direction. While “sustainable cannabis” doesn’t always actually mean sustainable (er, hello […]
  • Now that we’ve survived 2021 — even if barely — we have a new mantra at Giving Tree Farms: squeeze the sh*it out of those lemons. Thriving always has to be an option, so we’re making do with what […]
  • As anyone with a small business knows, staying afloat isn’t always easy. For those with a small-scale cannabis business, navigating the technical world, securing capital, and staying on top of regulatory compliance add even more complexities. Fortunately, equity grants […]
  • Both cannabis and hops have terpenes and terpenoids, but that’s not the only overlap between these two plant-derived worlds. In recent years, similarities—in particular between craft cannabis and craft beer—have become more apparent. So, what can the relatively infantile […]
  • Perfect for autumn family adventures and first dates, pick-your-own produce is one of the few ways ordinary folks are able to connect with farms. Whether berries, pumpkins, apples or potatoes, a pick-your-own operation also helps the farmer pick up […]
  • Our name is Giving Tree Farms for a reason. We’re a cannabis business on a mission and giving back is just as important to us as a quality product. With Giving Tuesday and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we […]
  • The cannabis industry is constantly evolving. Expected to reach $30 billion in annual market value by 2025, the budding industry brings with it some challenges related to cannabis’ legality, marketing, distribution, and keeping up with an ever-changing landscape. So […]
  • Fortunately, the world is warming up to medicinal and recreational cannabis. As of October, 2021, recreational cannabis is legal in 19 states, Washington, D.C., and Guam. With this increase in legalization, comes an expansion of cannabis business ventures as […]

Green Carpet Growing

  • The Power of Affordable, High-Quality Cannabis Seeds from Brothers Grimm Seeds and Purple City Genetics For home growers, finding the perfect strains at the right price is a never-ending quest. Balancing quality and affordability is crucial, especially for both […]
  • Welcome to our latest blog post, where we delve into the fascinating world of sustainable living with a spotlight on the exceptional Home grow Consultant, Stoney McGuire. This is not just any consultant; Stoney brings a wealth of knowledge […]
  • Comparing the Best Seed Banks for High-Quality Cannabis Seeds When it comes to cultivating top-notch cannabis, the quality of your seeds is paramount. We’ve curated the crème de la crème seed banks because we know finding a reliable seed […]
  • What’s the best way to learn to grow cannabis at home? Due to the nature of cannabis cultivation, a horticultural art form lacking mainstream adoption, the masses aren’t knowledgeable about growing. However, that doesn’t mean that millions of people […]
  • Learn how to plant cannabis seeds at home in soil. Hey cannabis loving friends! It’s your high-growing pals at Green Carpet Growing, and we’re here to jazz up your cannabis growing know how. Are you ready to sweat it […]
  • Here’s an easy soil recipe to create a base soil. Down the road, you’ll want to amend your soil, but this video gets you started with your base soil recipe. Join soil grower Ricky as he demonstrates mixing this […]
  • The 2024 cannabis industry is enriched by many renowned seed breeders who have elevated the art and science of creating distinctive and high-quality strains. Among these, Brothers Grimm Seeds, Romulan Genetics, and Purple City Genetics stand out as the […]
  • Home cultivators are often on a relentless hunt for top-tier feminized seeds, yet navigating the plethora of options in today’s digital landscape presents its challenges. Amidst subjective biases, the pursuit of objective criteria becomes paramount in determining what truly […]
  • Top 25 Legendary Cannabis Strains From Stoner Culture Are you someone diving into the diverse realm of cannabis strains in the USA? Come explore our handpicked selection of the top 25 sought-after strains, crafted to delight growers, enthusiasts, and […]
  • Cannabis Growing Overview For New Growers Growing cannabis from photoperiod feminized seeds or auto-flower seeds can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, but it also requires careful attention to detail to ensure a successful harvest. Here’s a step-by-step grow […]

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  • Soil microorganisms are the silent heroes that contribute to the health of plants – a minute form of life that significantly contributes to the health and productivity of cannabis. In this article, we explain what they are and how […]
  • Have you ever detected small spots on the leaves of your cannabis plants? If so, the cause could be thrips, a winged or hopping insect that moves from branch to branch. This pest, which is common in cannabis cultivation, […]
  • The aroma and taste of cannabis flowers are often as appreciated as their psychoactive potency. In this article, we will explain what growing techniques can be implemented to improve the organoleptic quality of your yields. Simple and effective strategies […]
  • The cannabis plant has been differentiated as indica or sativa for decades. These terms have been used to classify the genotypes according to both their morphological characteristics and their effects. In this article, we explain everything you need to […]
  • Screen of Green (SCRoG) is a training technique that enables growers to enhance the productivity of their grow, both indoors and outdoors. We explain all the details in this article. La entrada How to grow using SCROG (Screen of […]
  • Germany usually enjoys pleasant summers, although these can sometimes pose certain challenges to cannabis growers due to weather variations. In this article, we explain everything you need to know to overcome challenges such as cold night temperatures, intense rain, […]
  • Cannabis plants and humans have been intrinsically linked for centuries, whether for medicinal or recreational use, cannabis has been fascinating growers and users for centuries. In this article, we walk you through how to successfully grow from seed to […]
  • Cannabis butter is the most used ingredient in cannabis cuisine. It is very easy to make and absorbs cannabinoids perfectly thanks to its high fat content. In this post, we'll teach you how to make it. La entrada How […]
  • The use of cannabis in the world of gastronomy is an increasingly closer reality. Thanks to its growing popularity, many are becoming eager to prepare desserts and specialty dishes like cannabis brownies. Here we show you a step-by-step guide […]
  • Germany legalises cannabis for recreational use, including home cultivation, public possession, and much more. Get the full low-down below. Spoiler: you'll be surprised how things are going to change from April. La entrada Germany legalises the cultivation and consumption […]
  • Hermaphrodite cannabis is a phenomenon that has more than one grower scratching their head, as it poses a significant challenge for both experienced growers and novices. In this post, we'll explain everything you need to know about the topic […]
  • Growing your own cannabis can be a rewarding experience, but it sometimes presents challenges that need to be addressed promptly. One of the most common problems is the yellowing of the plant's leaves. This phenomenon is usually a warning […]
  • Color variations in cannabis plants have been subject to fascination and research for decades. In this post, we explore the reasons behind color diversity in these plants from a scientific standpoint. La entrada Why Cannabis Plants are Different Colors; […]
  • Toda we want to take a deep dive into the amazing experience of growing your own magic mushrooms at home with our mushroom kits! With these kits you can choose from different strains as well as study their differences, […]
  • As the industry moves foreward, new methods are being discovered to improve both cannabis growing and harvest results. Do you know why you should apply cannabis terpenes to your harvest? Or how to do it properly? Keep reading, in […]
  • Home-growing cannabis comes with its own challenges, and one of the most common issues is heat stress. In this post, we explain what measures you can take to avoid your plants suffering from excess heat. La entrada How to […]
  • There are many different types of pruning techniques that can be used on cannabis plants and that can improve yield and general quality. Let’s have a look at all of the best cannabis pruning techniques, step by step. La […]
  • Outdoor season is here and growers are starting to choose their cannabis seeds for the year. USA strains have taken over the market over the last few years thanks to their amazing flavours, and in this post we're going […]
  • Many growers debate among themselves if it’s better to fertilize your cannabis plants with organic products or if it’s more effective to use non-organic ones. In this post, we analyze the characteristics of each one and their advantages and […]
  • CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid present in cannabis's composition. In this post we'll be explaining what your need to know about this interesting compound. La entrada What is CBD? Discover the Potential of Cannabidiol aparece primero en La […]

MG Magazine

  • The cannabis marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded. In the absence of many traditional marketing channels, brands must think outside the box to appeal to their target audiences and win customer […]
  • The Colorado Plateau, with its Grand Circle of national parks, is one of the most spectacular and diverse geographical regions in the United States. The plateau stretches across the Four […]
  • No-till farming incorporates principles from biology, botany, horticulture, organic farming, soil science, and traditional agriculture. This eco-friendly approach reduces greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation while providing crops with a […]
  • Like bonsai techniques, low-stress training (LST) involves bending the apical main stem and branches to direct their shape. This training technique ultimately allows cultivators to expose different parts of the […]
  • When it comes to post-harvest management, the difference between water activity and moisture content might appear to be a trivial matter. But this seemingly subtle difference can have significant implications […]
  • The cannabis plant has existed on this planet for thousands of years. However, due to criminalization in the United States, research into agricultural best practices has remained limited. Historically, novice […]
  • The cannabis marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded. In the absence of many traditional marketing channels, brands must think outside the box to appeal to their target audience and build customer […]
  • The term “low and slow” has been passed around every growing circle. This drying method uses low temperature, moderate humidity, and long hang times—an ideal environment for breeding mold and […]
  • NEW YORK – A recent national survey revealed a significant majority of Americans over the age of twenty-one support the legalization of cannabis cultivation at home, highlighting the disparity between current […]
  • Any gardener can tell you ladybugs are nice beneficial pests. While having a healthy coccinellidae population is hardly a bad thing, it’s far from an effective pest management strategy in […]
  • NEW YORK – The average price for a pound of cannabis flower fell 8.1 percent nationally in 2023 to around $995, but cultivators in Alaska, Ohio, and Missouri still enjoy […]
  • The fight against fungi and pests is a war with no end in sight. Whether it’s aphids, spider mites, fungus, gnats, or mealybugs, there’s always something trying to devour a […]
  • Grow lights are the cornerstone of any indoor or light-assisted greenhouse cultivation facility. After all, light is the driving force behind photosynthesis, which creates all the energy within a plant. […]
  • Cannabis is an incredible plant that can be grown in a tiny pot or spread freely across mountains in the wild. Over the years, cultivation methods have evolved to meet […]
  • Cultivators have no shortage of options when deciding where to bury their seeds, but each one comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. The growing medium, or media, is the substrate […]
  • Grow lights can never truly replace the sun, but they can get pretty close. For many cannabis cultivators, a properly optimized lighting solution is the key to a bountiful and […]
  • Data collection and monitoring of the environment, water conditions, and media are essential for commercial growers trying to push their plants to their full genetic potential. With a small array […]
  • Nearly all life on Earth requires light to survive, and cannabis is no exception. While cultivators can certainly grow a plant with any common light source, cannabis plants will only […]
  • Cannabis is a dynamic plant, requiring many unique inputs to thrive. From cannabis nutrients to soil pH and the right light, it takes a laundry list of ingredients to get […]
  • Every cannabis grower hopes to have a plentiful harvest full of top-shelf buds. One of the best ways to meet that goal is by planting quality genetics. But with so […]

Skunk Magazine

  • I began by cultivating cannabis for a few close veteran friends. Over time, through word of mouth, the need for the program expanded statewide, leading to the creation of Homegrown4Heroes. Despite numerous setbacks, including navigating through being a single […]
  • LET THE BIDDING BEGIN! Today, July 11th, is the big day – bidding on silent auction items for the Mendocino Craft Farmer’s Auction begins at 9am! Simply go to this link to see what items are available and place […]
  • It’s another year of 710 celebrations, and with so many new items out there for hash heads looking to up their game, we put together a list of options starting at less than thirty bucks. We know you’ll want […]
  • Strain Name: Skunk Batter Breeder: Katsu Seeds Height: Medium to Tall Weight (yield): Moderate to High Flowering Time in Days: 65-80 days Sativa/Indica Ratio: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica Taste (burned and unburned): Unburned: Sweet and fruity with hints […]
  • The name of the game today is indoor growing options. I’m the Rev, and Letters to Rev is just a little Q&A is all. I have learned some cool things over the years from Q&A stuff I have read, […]
  • The post MOONSPIRED: July New Moon appeared first on Skunk Global.
  • There’s a meme of a little boy on the floor of a kitchen eating snacks with headphones on while watching an iPad that is on the carpet of the living room. The caption reads: “Food isn’t allowed in the […]
  • Exciting news for cannabis enthusiasts in Western New York as the team behind the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards announces a new competition coming to the region — the Solventless Cup. This prestigious event will recognize excellence in two distinct areas, […]
  • The world witnessed unprecedented power grabs and supply chain disruptions over the past few years. The almost perfect alignment between big government, big banks, and corporations should be a serious concern across the agricultural sector. These moves represent no […]
  • The famous Edvard Munch painting, The Scream, portrays a person grimacing with their hands held over their ears. I suspect it is a response to sorry times, but it could be the cry of someone who has PTSD. Our industry moves […]

Honest Marijuana.

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Sensi Seeds

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Marijuana Venture

  •    Green Horizons co-founders Michael Meade and Carlos “Los” Arias were surrounded by outstretched hands and an outpour of enthusiasm as they stood together below… The post Green Horizons: Passion, Patience and Execution appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • Terpenes give extracts their taste or smell. They are also the highest value components in cannabis, and they represent a significant opportunity for growers and… The post TERPENES: Capturing Cannabis’ Highest Value Fraction appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • Whether it’s once a year or once a week, harvesting a new crop of cannabis is among the most exciting and risk-laden tasks for commercial… The post Harvesting Hazards appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • To properly dry and cure cannabis, you need the right information and tools. From the importance of drying and curing to specific environmental parameters, this… The post The Art of Drying and Curing Cannabis appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • While the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it is important for growers to be prepared for year-round growth to keep up with the demand. Having… The post Prepping for Fall and Winter appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • How cannabis producers can reduce waste and build more sustainable operations It’s obvious that the cannabis industry has a massive waste problem. Just how big… The post Tips for a Greener Industry appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • In the modern, year-round cannabis industry, there really is no “planting season” or “harvest season,” but continuous cycles of iteration and growth. Because of that,… The post What’s new in cultivation trends? appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • Leading national brand and top California producer gives an exclusive tour of its Los Angeles grow operations STIIIZY took California by storm and is showing… The post Inside Look: STIIIZY appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • Keith Saviano has two decades of growing experience, but the quality of cannabis being produced right now at family-owned Nimbus Cannabis Company is better than… The post Getting the Perfect Cure appeared first on Marijuana Venture.
  • The rains in California between July 1, 2022 and April 13, 2023 have significantly impacted cannabis cultivators in the Golden State, and not just because… The post More than just waterlogged appeared first on Marijuana Venture.

The Weed Blog

  • Looking to start a greenhouse for growing weed? Learn the basics for a marijuana greenhouse, and the pros and cons for growing beginners. The post How to Grow Weed in a Greenhouse appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • Learn the basics behind the stages of growth for cannabis plants, along with the typical life cycle during the growing process. The post Weed Plant Stages & Growing Life Cycle Explained appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • New to growing weed? Learn the basics behind growing weed indoors vs growing cannabis plants outdoors, and which is right for you. The post Growing Weed: Indoors vs Outdoors Explained appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • Learn the basics behind the best time to grow cannabis at home outdoors when the conditions will be perfect for maximum yields. The post When Is the Best Time of Year to Grow Cannabis in Your Yard? appeared first […]
  • Learn how to find the best fertilizer and nutrients for growing cannabis, and what will result in the biggest yields and healthiest plants. The post What Are the Best Marijuana Fertilizers and Nutrients? appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • Cannabis extracts are an artform. It’s a complex, intricate process that perfectly matches the complexity of the plant itself. There is still so much to learn about cannabis and how multiple strains and chemotypes affect people differently. For many […]
  • Cannabis often gets a bad rap as promoting “couch-lock” or encouraging laziness and lethargy. Sometimes, that’s exactly what the body needs, but it’s not true of all strains of cannabis. Strains can be divided into three main groups: sativa, […]
  • We are honored you’ve chosen The Weed Blog to learn how to grow cannabis indoors. Before you get your hands in the dirt, it’s important to understand the legality of cannabis cultivation in your area to prevent any unpleasant […]
  • When it comes to weed, what does cure mean? Curing weed is the process of removing bacteria for long-term storage. The curing process is one of the most important steps after harvesting and trimming the leaves off the stem. […]
  • Cannabis industry professionals Dale Hunt, PhD, JD, Ethan Russo, MD, and Robert C. Clarke have brought together their expertise and joined forces to create the first cannabis company to focus on intellectual property (IP) protection specifically for independent plant […]
  • Aside from needing sunlight each day and good soil to grow in, cannabis plants also need a fair amount of water. The post How to Organize the Watering Process When Growing Marijuana appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • What is autoflowering and why is it beneficial for cannabis? The post What You Need to Know About Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • From the East Coast to the Midwest, several first-time outdoor cannabis harvests are happening. The post First Outdoor East Coast Harvest and Several Hemp Harvests Underway appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • The marijuana plant is normally green. At least we are used to seeing it in that color. But believe it or not, cannabis strains can also be purple. Interestingly, purple marijuana strains are becoming increasingly popular lately. While the […]
  • What is Coco Coir? Coco Coir soil is a waste product made from the husk of coconuts, primarily from those found in the Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka. This material was simply discarded until some clever and aspiring cultivator […]
  • Growing your own marijuana is a gratifying experience. However, many people take a step back due to the high cost involved in the whole process and wonder to themselves if it is even possible to successfully home grow cannabis […]
  • I walk through of the brand new magnetic induction vaporizer that works for both concentrates and dry herb. The post The Dr. Dabber Switch: a New Semi-portable Vaporizer appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • Here's a closer look at how to increase terpenes in your cannabis plants. The post How to Increase Terpenes When Growing Your Cannabis Plants appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • I detailed review of the Vapium Lite dry herb vaporizer. The post Portable Vaporizers A Hit in 2019 and Beyond appeared first on The Weed Blog.
  • First-of-its-kind Federal Court ruling affirms medical cannabis speech cannot be restrained. The post Federal Judge Recognizes Free Speech for Cannabis Producer appeared first on The Weed Blog.

Premium Cultivars

  • Throwing yourself into a brand-new hobby is always exciting, but growing your own stash of weed? For sticky-icky enthusiasts, there really aren’t many things that can top watching plants grow from seed to harvest and getting elbows deep in […]
  • Cannabis production is an ancient practice that has advanced considerably over the years for its medicinal, recreational, and industrial benefits. Today, it is legal for medical and recreational use in many areas of the world, leading to an increase […]
  • Lollipopping is a pruning technique for cannabis plants that allows them to focus energy on more significant budding sites resulting in higher yields. The post Your Trusted Guide to Lollipopping Cannabis appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • Schwazzing is a process where growers remove fan leaves and other lower foliage. Learn how to use this amazing technique here. The post The Ultimate Guide to Schwazzing appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • When it comes to autoflower myths, there are many. From low yields to hermie plants we are here to bust some autoflower myths! The post Common Myths About Autoflowers appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • Autoflower yield has long been a source of debate in the cannabis community. Find out how to make the most of your autoflowers here. The post Maximizing Autoflower Yields appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • Raising cannabis seedlings correctly is an important first step on the growing journey. Learn all the tips and tricks for healthy cannabis seedlings here. The post Caring for Cannabis Seedlings appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • Take cannabis cultivation to new heights with lunar farming. Learn how to utilize the full moon to improve plant growth and increase yields. The post Unlocking the Power of Lunar Cultivation for Cannabis Harvesting appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • Discover the benefits of using coco coir as a growing medium for cannabis. Learn how to choose the best nutrients for optimal plant growth. The post Best Coco Coir Nutrients For Cannabis appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • Understanding the ideal temp and humidity for a grow tent is important when growing indoors. Find everything to manage indoor climate. The post The ideal temperature and humidity for a grow tent appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • Uncover the secrets of flushing a sick weed plant for optimal growth and health. Learn why flushing is important and how to do it correctly. The post How to Flush A Sick Cannabis Plant appeared first on Premium Cultivars.
  • Proper watering is key to the healthy development of cannabis seedlings. Learn to provide the right amount of water to avoid issues like root rot & dehydration. The post Watering Cannabis Seedlings: Day by Day Schedule appeared first on […]

High Times

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Leaf Well

  • Hemp is a variety of cannabis grown for industrial use and contains little psychoactive components found in marijuana. The plant provides the raw materials for hemp products like rope, clothes, and textiles and is used for food, biofuel, and […]
  • Cannabis has gone by a lot of different nicknames over the years: bud, nugs, grass, weed, pot, ganja, reefer, herb, and chronic, to name a few. As the cannabis industry evolves from an underground, illegal black market to a […]
  • Growing cannabis is a skill. Just like any living thing, plants need care and attention to survive and thrive. Growing cannabis as medicine can be a little tricky but also incredibly rewarding. That’s why Leafwell wants to help you […]
  • Autism spectrum disorder — or ASD — is a neurological and developmental disability that ranges in severity. People with autism may experience symptoms such as engaging in repetitive behaviors, difficulty with fine motor skills, having obsessive interests, and finding […]
  • We live in a busy world that demands a lot of people’s energy and focus, so it’s unsurprising that remedies to enhance productivity are always in high demand. Despite the “lazy stoner” stereotype, many cannabis consumers today rely on […]
  • There are so many types of neuropathy (nerve pain) that it can be challenging to find consistent relief. Fortunately, certain cannabis strains offer a potential solution for those in need due to the plant’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. Research […]
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease that impacts the central nervous system, damaging the pathways between nerves and disrupting signals to and from the brain. Some research has pointed to medical marijuana as a potential treatment to alleviate […]
  • Research is lacking on how cannabis impacts female sex drive and arousal, so we have to rely on anecdotes and trial-and-error when it comes to the best strains for female arousal. Many women claim that components in certain strains […]
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological condition that affects millions in the United States and is known to cause impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and difficulty focusing. Though there is no conclusive evidence that medical marijuana helps manage ADHD, […]
  • Throughout history, cannabis has been used to treat menstrual cramps. Depending on their severity, symptoms associated with menstruation can interfere with an individual’s school, work, and social activities. Recent research has found promising evidence that medical marijuana can help […]


  • Cannabis loves light. In indoor grows, however, light can only easily reach the top of the plant due to the density of the leaves. Intercanopy lighting (IL) offers an innovative solution by distributing light more evenly so that it […]
  • Growing marijuana is not just about planting and harvesting. Growers are constantly looking for ways to optimise plant growth and maximise yield. Two popular techniques in this field are Low Stress Training (LST) and High Stress Training (or HST). […]
  • Autoflowering cannabis strains have gained popularity in recent years thanks to their short life cycle and ability to flower regardless of the photoperiod that they’re exposed to. But, despite these advantages, there are certain growing techniques that are considered […]
  • In the world of cannabis, there’s a common curiosity amongst growers as to why the stems of the plants turn red or purple. This phenomenon, which can often be worrying, is either a simple natural occurrence or actually a […]
  • Fast strains represent a significant advance in the genetic developments within the cannabis market of the last few years. These varieties offer all the benefits of photo-dependent feminised genetics but with a shorter flowering time, which is a huge […]
  • The pre-flowering stage of a cannabis plant is a critical period in its life cycle. This phase lasts between 2 and 3 weeks and often occurs after the vegetative stage and before the actual flowering period. During this time, […]
  • Germinating cannabis seeds may seem like a simple process, but you can often encounter unexpected obstacles that can frustrate even the most experienced growers. This post addresses the most common problems that can prevent your cannabis seeds from sprouting, […]
  • Cannabis cultivation faces many challenges, one of which is the threat of diseases caused by pathogens such as the Hop Latent Viroid. This is a small molecular parasite that is highly infectious and is responsible for enormous economic damage, […]

Greenhouse Grower

  • Edmonton, Alberta-based Aurora Cannabis says it plans to have its Aurora Sun greenhouse repurposed and producing starter vegetables and flowers by this time next year. The post From Cannabis to Flowers: One Canadian Company’s Journey appeared first on Greenhouse […]
  • By tailoring the effect of light on your plants, you can ensure that they are always receiving the optimal amount of light energy to grow successfully. The post Understanding the Role of Light in Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation appeared first […]
  • A groundbreaking study reveals that some terpenes work to increase CB1 receptor activation, finally proving why cannabis growers should think beyond THC content alone. The post How Cannabis Growers Can Manage the THC-Terpenes Connection appeared first on Greenhouse Grower.
  • Thanks to advances in seed genetics, the commercial greenhouse cannabis landscape has evolved, reducing the barrier to entry for smaller growers and those limited by operational budget. The post How You Can Transition From Greenhouse Tomatoes to Cannabis with […]
  • Phylos recently formed an innovation relationship with Organigram, one of Canada’s leading producers of recreational cannabis and cannabis-derived products. The post Phylos Bringing Production-Ready Seed to Canada appeared first on Greenhouse Grower.
  • Gain insights on the state of the greenhouse cannabis industry, factors affecting the THC potency of your cannabis flowers, and tips for mixing your own cannabis fertilizer. The post A Growers’ Guide to Greenhouse Cannabis in 2023 appeared first […]
  • As researchers uncover links between rare cannabinoids and human health, growers wanting to differentiate their offerings and boost their bottom line should consider growing varieties to service this expanding new market. The post How to Grow Cannabis for Rare […]
  • Oversights during the production stage from germination to planting can have expensive ramifications for a cannabis cultivation business. The post 10 Steps to Growing Sensational Cannabis Seedlings appeared first on Greenhouse Grower.
  • Specialist knowledge, a wide range of coverage, market understanding, and cost efficiency are key to growing your cannabis business. The post How Cannabis Companies Use Risk Management to Scale Quicker appeared first on Greenhouse Grower.
  • Whether you’re growing outdoors, indoors, or somewhere in between, follow these tips to ensure that your plants will be rooting for your success. The post 7 Tips for Cannabis Cloning Success appeared first on Greenhouse Grower.

Grow Mag

  • The Reclassification Tour traveled from the bottom of the east coast to the top, visiting cities, states, people, and businesses and focusing the conversation on the move in progress to reschedule Cannabis (Marijuana).  The tour was led by Vee, […]
  • Cannabis cultivation for indoor growers is a precise art, and many growers are now relying on LED lights for their indoor grows, taking advantage of all the technological advancements in supplemental lighting.  Because of the strain cannabis growing can […]
  • After a years-long push from advocates and lengthy legislative debates, Minnesota officially became the 23rd state in the U.S. to legalize recreational cannabis in August of last year. The North Star State now finds itself in a gray area […]
  • Cannabis is a fairly easy plant to grow, but producing high-quality buds isn’t so simple. There are a lot of strains out there, and understanding how to cultivate them into high-yielding plants requires some experience and/or extensive knowledge. Cannabis […]
  • Marianne Cursetjee is the CEO and co-founder of Alibi Cannabis, a self-funded, top-shelf cannabis company with a female head grower. Alibi has earned recognition for growing some of the best flower in Oregon. Cursetjee doesn’t have the typical cannabis […]
  • Whether you’re a large-scale commercial grower or a small-scale craft grower, protecting your valuable crops is usually the first thing on your mind. You can find lots of ways to protect your plants from bugs and other issues, but […]
  • Cannabis use by humans has been going on since before people started writing things down. As such, details are sketchy and some educated guesswork is involved in trying to reconstruct our shared long history. What we do know, which […]
  • After decades of prohibition, Thailand embarked on a historic shift in its approach to cannabis. After Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to allow medicinal use in 2018, and then recreational use in 2022, tens of thousands […]
  • In late May, a key GOP House committee approved a defense bill that also included some fine print about marijuana and psychedelics, including a proposal to prohibit military branches from testing recruits for cannabis. The House Armed Services Committee […]
  • The NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and the WNBA’s New York Liberty have become the first teams in their leagues to partner with a CBD beverage company. Each can of Mynd Drinks contains 25 milligrams of CBD (cannabidiol). Mynd Drinks is […]

The Triminator

  • In the cannabis industry, the use of fresh frozen material is rapidly expanding, thanks to both the increasing accessibility of freezer equipment and the growing demand for “live” cannabis concentrates, such as live resin and live rosin. In fact, […]
  • As solventless concentrates continue to gain popularity (for instance, rosin sales have doubled between January 2021 and January 2023), bubble hash is quickly emerging as a valuable opportunity for commercial growers. Revered for its purity, flavor, and potency, bubble […]
  • Bubble hash is a popular and potent cannabis concentrate. The origins of bubble hash date back to the 1980s, when Northern Californian growers sought ways of extracting the purest cannabis trichomes from their yields. For growers today, quality bubble […]
  • Figuring out what to do with kief isn’t just a valuable way to make the most out of your harvest; it can also provide business owners with a range of opportunities to increase their profits. As the cannabis industry […]
  • The fundamental goal of cannabis cultivation is to yield a large, potent harvest. Growers interested in maximizing their harvest must ensure they do everything throughout the lifecycle of their plants to produce an abundance of dense, resinous buds.  Most […]
  • Learning how to cure cannabis effectively is important for any cannabis cultivator. Not only does the drying and curing process help to remove excess moisture from your harvest (which improves shelf life), but it can enhance product quality, improving […]
  • Hemp biomass is often regarded as waste by many commercial hemp operations. However, this leftover processing material is far from useless. Hemp is considered a promising renewable resource with numerous uses, and the waste created from the legal hemp […]
  • Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Bubble Hash Yields  Bubble hash is a popular solventless cannabis concentrate known for its purity, potency, and strong flavor profile. Made through a solventless extraction method using cannabis, ice, water, and a set of […]
  • With continuing widespread legalization and increased acceptance of cannabis and cannabis-derived products, it’s important to maintain an understanding of cannabis history and how much the industry has evolved, as well as how it’s rapidly expanding.  As the oldest and […]
  • If you’re in the business of cultivating cannabis on a commercial scale, understanding the ways to expand your existing operation is key to increasing production capacity and improving efficiency. Knowing how to scale grow op can also help improve […]

The Herb CEO

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  • Every grower has searched for “top-yielding cannabis strains” at some point in their journey. Online seed banks typically curate a collection of the biggest yielding strains, but there is a widespread lack of consensus among them. With so much […]
  • When I began my college experience 3 years ago, I had fully intended to study wildlife ecology, learning about animals and their habitats. I was determined to become a wildlife specialist and spend my days working with animals, but […]
  • The US cannabis market hit a significant milestone in 2021. According to a Grandview Research estimate, the market has finally surpassed $10 billion. Combined with an impressive CARG of 14.9 percent until 2030, this is indeed the golden era […]
  • Cannabis plant problems? Diagnosing cannabis plant issues and diseases is a full-time job in a commercial setting. And whether it’s wilting leaves or powdery residue, the faster the issue is diagnosed, the less risk it is to production and […]
  • How Light Affects Cannabis Cannabis, like all plants, transforms light, water, and CO2 into energy through photosynthesis. While the photosynthetic process only happens during daylight hours, that doesn’t mean all biological processes go idle once the lights turn off. […]

Grow With Jane

  • Fungi species can affect the cultivation of cannabis plants in many ways. Harmful fungi species can cause serious problems for cannabis plants. These fungi can infect the plants and cause diseases, leading to reduced growth, yield, and low quality […]
  • Partnered with: Mars Hydro Starting to grow your own cannabis at home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Loads of information to learn and many items to buy. When you purchase every item separately instead of a grow tent […]
  • Partnered with: Mars Hydro Indoor-led grow lights have evolved a lot in the last few years and cannabis growers are continually in search of the perfect grow lights for them. Filling big grow tents and grow rooms with efficient […]
  • Many organisms are associated with Cannabis crops, some of them are beneficial and some are harmful to the plant. Those organisms considered harmful to the plant are also called pests. Spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, and aphids are some […]
  • What is a pest? In Cannabis growing, pests are all those organisms capable of harming or destructing plants. Pests that attack Cannabis plants include insects, fungi, nematodes, bacteria, and viruses, among others. Learn which are the most common pests […]
  • We wanted to share the news with one of the best releases of Grow with Jane!  Here at Grow with Jane, we are proud to be working on the best app for cannabis growing! To make it even better, […]
  • Content updated in August 2022 In this article, learn the basics of Cannabis plant nutrients in order to start growing. For example, how to read nutrients labels, what is NPK, and when to switch to bloom nutrients. We’ll start […]
  • Partnered with: Seedstockers When speaking about Cannabis seeds we always think about their genetics, White Widow, Haze, AK 47, but what is cannabis genetics? How is a high-yielding strain bred? To explain it in an introductory way, Cannabis genetics […]
  • Hello grower! We are happy to tell you that a new version of Grow with Jane is available for download! We are glad to introduce the Grow with Jane’s dark theme and black theme. Hope you enjoy it! We’ve […]
  • Learn how to harvest a Cannabis plant, dry and cure your buds. When to harvest and how to set a drying space. Avoid common mistakes and enjoy a good yield. The post How to harvest Cannabis plants indoors: a […]